Gordon Ramsay And An England Football Captain Shared A Drink In Cornwall


Gordon Ramsay had been sitting quietly with his wife, Tana, in Wadebridge restaurant, when a bartender delivered them a drink that had a note.

“From one Rangers legend to another,” the message said.

It turns out that the drink was from Terry Butcher, England’s former football Captain who also happens to be spending his holiday at Cornwall.

The former football captain was a Rangers’ legend during the late 1980s, and he was acknowledging Ramsay’s affiliation with the Glasgow club. Ramsay had claimed once that he played two games for the club but was dismissed later by former players and historians.

Ramsay is known to have spent more than £10 million on a property in Cornwall and is no stranger in the county. Butcher was overjoyed to see a familiar face and wasted no time greeting the chef.

“I was having my usual bucket of beer when Gordon Ramsay and his wife came in and went to sit down in the far corner.”

It was recently reported that Gordon and Tana would be having their fifth child, and Butcher thought that he’d send a drink with a note.

“’From one Rangers legend to another’. I wouldn’t normally say that, but I thought I’d better go big!”

Gordon immediately came over, and the first thing he wanted to talk about was the Rangers’ victory over the Celtic four days earlier. Summing up the team’s progress on and off the pitch, Butcher said that Steve Gerrard would be quite pleased to know that Gordon’s talking about it.

“It was 13 games without beating them, but it felt like 13 years.”

The Celtic have experienced going through the entire season and always end up winning. The Rangers’ victory over the team was a great achievement, and fans from all over the globe are ecstatic.

While the Rangers may gain lots of confidence from this win, Butcher fears that they may just have poked a sleeping bear. Butcher would love nothing more to have his old club snatch the title. But the Celtic will no doubt get their side into action after this defeat, which they can do quite well.