Is Bournemouth already receiving extra points from Begovic?


Asmir Begovic’s solo performance in recent matches could be said to be nothing less than great. He has clearly set a high standard when it comes to goalkeeping. He deserves some praise for his efficiency in keeping shots out so far this season. He provided a clean sheet against Watford and was at his best to save a point or even more against Southampton.

Asmir is starting to make very good decisions as his confidence continues to grow. Like he did with the first few games of last season, he comes for crosses. One of his best moments of the season was perhaps in the first half of the Southampton match when he didn’t need to make a save against Charlie Austin. 9 out of 10 occasions would perhaps have been a goal if Asmir had not had correct timing and angle against Austin, making it difficult for the player to get around him.

In the second half of the game, when he just had Asmir to beat, Begovic was determined to prevent Armstrong from scoring. Midfielders had to make decisions themselves as Asmir is making forwards and being positive, far from thinking of getting beaten.

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