Renishaw renews sponsorship of Gloucester-Hartpury Women


Women’s Rugby is one if the fastest growing sports, with about 30,000 women involved. However, this doesn’t stop the stereotype that suggests the game to be for men.

In a world where others buy this stereotype and perception, Renishaw challenges it. Renishaw has renewed and extended its sponsorship of the Gloucester-Hartpury women, and as stated by their head of communications, Chris Pockett, he said that “Engineering draws an interesting parallel to Rugby which is typically seen as a male sport, Renishaw wants to challenge social stereotypes and the perception that engineering and rugby are for men”

This did not come as a surprise as Renishaw has been a long-standing supporter of the Gloucester Rugby’s community since 2012. Pockett even explained that Renishaw had a commitment to developing skills in the Gloucester region. He said: “We successfully recruit a large number of apprentices and graduates from the region and run an extensive education outreach programme to encourage young people, particularly girls, to consider engineering as a career.

The Chief Commercial Officer at Gloucester Rugby was equally thrilled as he said: “Renishaw is a fantastic business for us to be in partnership with, it is great to see that she shares our vision for both the club and women’s rugby.

In sponsoring the Gloucester-Hartpury women’s team, it means that the Renishaw will be a contributor to a new digital project, with their logo on the team’s kit. They will also have their signs at the Kingsholm stadium during subsequent games.

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