Youngsters From Dorset Enjoy Dream Trip to Florida–A Summary


No fewer than 192 children from Dorset, UK, recently had a 10-day experience of a lifetime on a dream trip to Florida organised by Dreamflight. The children visited Disney World, Seaworld Universal Studios, and Discovery Cove (Orlando). For many of them, this was the first time away from their parents, and even outside their home country.

Dreamflight is a charity organisation set up 32 years ago by Pat Pearce. Its maiden flight was supported by the late Princess of Wales, and has since garnered widespread support from celebrities and volunteers. Each year, medical practitioners and social workers around the country nominate children to make an excursion of a lifetime with Dreamflight, and it has always been a memorable event not only for the youngsters but also for the founder herself.

Pearce admitted that Dreamflight wasn’t a dream at all, but a result of a drunken bet; however, with 32 years down the line she couldn’t be prouder of what it has become. Having relinquished operational duties to a director, Pat now spends more time with the kids.

There was a team of volunteers on the trip which comprised medical personnel tasked to serve as chaperones to the kids. They helped ensure the children had the most fun possible. One of the kids, Ama Chidziva, 12, said, “I’ve done things I never thought possible in my lifetime.”

The overall cost expended on the trip is £800,000–covering feeding, transportation, and other logistics.

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