Bargain Hunters, Rejoice! Another Home Bargains Store Set to Come to Gloucester


With the approval for a new discount store on the way, bargain hunters in Gloucester may soon get a new place to part with their cash if the proposal for a Home Bargain store at the old Maplin Site is approved.

The site is currently home to Staples, a predominantly stationary and office supply outlet.

Planning officials in July 1998 approved the group’s office outlet but restricted it from selling food products.

The Landlords Drum Property Group urges the Gloucester City Council to change its restraining order on goods sold at the site. The landlords are asking for the change so Home Bargains, which deals in drinks, food, home items, cosmetics, and flowers, can expand its services in the county.

The status quo for vehicular access for customers and supplies will be maintained, and there will be no change in the number of parking spaces which is 146.

“Whilst the site is currently occupied by Office Outlet, it is not considered to be operating at full capacity and also could theoretically be preoccupied with a more traffic intensive nonfood retail-based operator …” A document prepared by Cotswold Transport Planning on behalf of the owners submitted by the council said.

If the council approves the plan, the new store will be the second Home Bargains’outlet in the county. The group already has a store at the Peel Centre off St Ann Way.

The council will announce its decision on the proposal in February 2019.



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