Bristol Airport Plans to invest £400,000 in Reducing Delays for Passengers



Bristol Airport seeks to cut short prolonged wait times for passengers delayed at the airport with equipment priced around £400,000 to eliminate delays when a plane needs to be removed from the runway.

Over dozens of flights and many passengers were left stranded after a plane skidded off the runway in December 2017, at the North Somerset airport.

The new equipment includes airbags that are inflated to increase the aircraft for nose and main landing-gear failures. In addition to this, there is a unique track for aircrafts that make it possible for them to be towed safely back onto a runway and a process that allows it to be lowered onto a turntable.

These high tech systems are manufactured in the UK, and are used by many airports and airlines across the world.

The chief fire officer of Bristol Airport, Gary O’Neill, comments, “We have invested in quality equipment which should be able to cope with any scenario requiring an aircraft to be moved.”

Bristol Airport’s fire and rescue service and motor transport service crews have been trained to use the all-terrain vehicle that will be used when there is an incident.”

This time, the airport hopes that by acquiring new aircraft equipment, they will be able to reduce the recovery time for planes and limit the knock-on effect for airlines and passengers.

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