Live From Wiltshire’s Got Talent: Home from the Unknown Emerge Winners


Wiltshire is not behind in the global race for the next big phenomenon. Various performers put their best feet forward and their hearts in the ring in their quest to outdo everyone else and emerge winners.

At The Bank in Amesbury, Wiltshire’s Got Talent gave bold amateurs a chance to win £1,000. Perhaps not much, yet likely enough to convince young hearts they just might be on the perfect track for their lives.

Performances spanned the whole spectrum, from music to comedy, as expected and competitors hit a century, only for 27 to make it to the live finale over last week.

Of the 10 that graced the final round Sunday night, unlikely winners emerged in girl band Home from the Unknown, with their unmatched originality.

Considered a successful event by The Bank, Nathan Muirhead praised Home from the Unknown for their work ethic and catchy music.

As typical of similar shows, judges included George Agombar (a local phenomenon), Solarbird bassist Nick Gowman, singer Kevin Badcock, and Paul Freeman from Salisbury District Hospital on a set complete with golden buzzers.

Attendance was over 200 at Wyndham Hall with the winners having their name engraved onto the winners’  trophy with ample space for future winners á la the UEFA Champions League.

Mr Muirhead expressed he was  “…hugely impressed with the talent Wiltshire has brought…” citing how far some of the acts had come from for a shot at fame.

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