Somerset Pub near Bath Named One of the Best in UK


The Guardian has named the George Inn one of the best in the country.

The inn is situated outside Bath, at Norton St Philip. It has been serving beer since 1937, and is described itself as Britain’s oldest tavern.

Owned by Wadworth Brewery, it serves lunch and dinner every day.

Among a list of 50 best pubs in UK compiled by the Guardian, George Inn landed in the top ten.

According to the Guardian, “Its visual attraction lies in additions that are clearly very old sitting atop stone so ancient it almost seems to be melting Inside, the open fires, candlelit tables and leaded windows feel unchanged rather than artificially preserved or restored, evoking centuries of people sitting here eating, drinking and laughing. Upstairs, the creaking bedrooms will provide a challenge for even the most sceptical disbeliever in ghosts.”

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