Unique Exeter supermarket opens offering custard apples to ox tongues



Mesoptamia Food Bazar, a new supermarket store has been opened in Exter, Devon. The supermarket is prides itself in its unique offering – a first of its kind in Devon. They claim to offer a plethora of choices to service people from Polish, African, Romanian origin, and others.


The supermarket services the traditional food niche by adding a butchers section, a bakery, a fresh fruit store, and a fishmonger. The store is owned by a trio of businessmen, Galip Sancak, Fasihullah Hakimi, and Hammad Adli.

The tripartite investors are well aware of the cost implications of running such a humongous outfit, including business rate, electricity bill and monthly rents which run into a minimum of £100,000 monthly.

Irrespective of the cost challenges, the owners say they’ve set up a multi-choice supermarket which has so far received positive response from customers.

Notable foodstuff that makes the store unique is the huge olive counter offering fresh olives for customers who love Olives. There’s also a well-equipped bakery offering sweet treats, breads and cake. Vegetable and spices also have a well-stocked section.

The supermarket gets its nomenclature from a legendary region in Western Asia. The region is credited being the pioneers of modern civilization.

One of the owners Hammad Adli said, there’s still a lot to expect from the unique supermarket.

Customers can patronize the store seven days a week. The store is open for 15 hours every day.


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