Victims of Domestic Abuse to Get Relieved As A New Haven Is Established In Cornwall


As domestic violence rises up in Cornwall, there are new units being established to act as a haven for the vulnerable victims of domestic violence. The new safe house for domestic female victims of domestic abuse is being set in St. Austell. According to reliable sources, the new units are set to be opened soon.

What triggered the establishment of the new havens for victims of domestic abuse?

The creation of a safe place for victims of domestic violence was initiated after the government drafted the domestic abuse bill. The bill aimed at protecting vulnerable women from the menace of domestic violence. The Cosgarne Hall was contracted by Cornwall Council to set up the self-contained secure units in the South West for the victims.

How is the project anticipated to protect women from alcoholism, drug abuse, loss of housing and dependency?

The new units will also serve women with issues emancipating from alcohol and drug abuse. According to Malcolm Putko, the Operation Director of Harbour, women who experience domestic violence are more likely to be caused by alcohol and drugs. However, for the women to get a place in the new units, they must show that they have denounced alcoholism and drug abuse. Owning pets inside the units is not allowed.

Continued abuse of alcohol and other drugs among women is a barrier to women from escaping domestic violence. Drug abuse and alcoholism among women attracts them to stick in abusive relationships, hence exposing themselves to harm. These women have to be sober for at least 13 weeks for them to be allowed in the new units.

The tolerant policy by Cosgarne Hall suggests that there is a link between drug abuse, trauma, loss of housing and dependency. The policy is set to be applied in the new units as a move to fight drug abuse and alcoholism as the women are provided with free housing. This will protect them from domestic violence.


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