Winter break in Cornwall


If you are interested in having your winter break in Cornwall, one of the best places to stay is at the charming Alverton hotel. This is a former convent, now a Grade II listed structure converted into an award winning 50 bedroom hotel with an impressive 11 acres of garden suitable for weddings and events.

Originally designed as a family home and built in 1830, but later converted into a convent sometime in the 1870s, the Alverton is a stylish grand place with slated roofs; arched windows and ivy clad walls located a short distance from the city centre. The house was built by architect John Loughborough Pearson, the same architect credited with designing and building the Truro Cathedral.

Today, this spectacular place comprises of about 50 unique hotel rooms and suites guaranteed to appeal to the discerning visitor.

In 2017, the Alverton Hotel was awarded four AA Silver Stars.

But the hotel is not the only interesting thing about winter in Cornwall. Truro, where Alverton is located is truly a delightful place. The cobbled streets are the perfect place to explore on foot and contain an impressive array of quaint shops, and some lovely parks where the family can have a good time. One striking feature of Truro is the cathedral which properly dominates the skyline. The top of the cathedral which was built as far back as 1901 can be seen from almost every part of the city.

There are tons of things to see and do in Truro, that it is no wonder the proud locals call it their great little city. When you visit Truro and in fact all of Cornwall for the winter, you may find it difficult to leave at the end of your stay.


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