3aaa College Collapse Cast Dark Cloud on Bristol Apprentices and Companies


The investigation into the case of “serious undoing” that was investigated by the department of education (DfE) which caused the closure of the 3aaa college by the government has cast a dark cloud on Bristol as uncertainty looms over hundreds of apprentices and companies that have been left stranded by the closure.

According to Bristol live, “The training college which was put into compulsory liquidation after its government funding was withdrawn, has left around 150 Bristol apprentices uncertain about their future and business across the city in the lurch.”

The 3aaa with a reported 38 colleges in the UK was wound up after the Department of Education (DfE) ended its investigation and subsequently reached the conclusion of liquidating the college.

It was said to have uncovered a degree of “serious wrongdoing” within the organisation and the matter has been transferred to the police over the allegations of fraud but the DfE has claimed it is making good progress in identifying new employers for 3aaa apprentices left stranded by the decision.

The 3aaa website as at the time of report read: “We apologise for any inconvenience, the company have ceased trading and would no longer be accepting any further business. All the best for employers, 3aaa apprentices and staff in the future.”

This development has since been greeted with uncertainty and apprehension especially by a number of Bristol business owners who are majorly concerned about the future of their apprentices as they no longer have a college to oversee their qualifications and the delay in relocating the apprentices to new training providers.

Some business owners are also threatening to lay off their apprentices if they aren’t taken on by another college as the cost of maintenance is high and the government agencies responsible for allocation are not forthcoming with ideas either and for small businesses in the community, this would be a huge challenge

Though concerns were raised about the possible of breach of personal contact details and whether general data protection were being breached, authorities involved has soothed frayed nerves and further reassured of compliance by the authorities involved and promised to execute any erring faction.


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