Archaeologists Are Currently Digging Up ‘Pits’ in a Bristol Park—Learn Why


As a part of an investigation into plans for a new path, archaeologists are digging up ‘pits’ in a Bristol Park. Starting on November 8, the process is scheduled to last for four days.

Focusing on Stoke Park Estate, archaeologists are currently studying and evaluating specific areas where Bristol City Council plans to install an all-weather path. Costing around £7,500, the investigation will involve digging a number of trial pits, which will be mainly along the historical cart track.

A concerned resident against this plan comments, “I am concerned Bristol City Council is starting exploratory works on one of its path proposals prior to reviewing the results of their own consultation. If the consultation responses don’t indicate this is a viable route choice, they will be wasting their money doing preliminary checks.”

Though the council strongly believes that this plan would help improve accessibility, it has been countered with opposition, but a consultation showed that more people are for a path than not.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson explains, “We need to do this work to properly understand what’s there before any final decision is reached on taking a path proposal forward. Initial analysis of the survey results show more people agree with the proposal than disagree with it. However, while we are continuing to look at this option, we are also considering alternative options that were put forward in more depth as part of consultation, before we come to a final recommendation.”

The council comments that all pits which are dug up as part of the survey will be filled back in at the end of the analysis.

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