Bristol to Strengthen Cultural and Economic Links with Jamaica


The Mayor of Kingston and St Andrew, Jamaica, says he will further strengthen his city’s links to Bristol.

Mayor Delroy Williams says he will strengthen cultural and economic relationship between the two cities and expressed satisfaction with the level of success recorded by Jamaica’s diaspora in Bristol. The mayor also congratulated Bristol for its choice of a Mayor, Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor who all have Jamaican heritage.

Mr. Williams made the comments at the close of the Global Parliament of Mayors conference which was held in Bristol last week. The mayor also appeared at a special celebration for the Jamaican diaspora held at the Rose Green Centre in Whitehall with Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees; Deputy Mayor, Asher Craig, Lord Mayor, Cleo Lake and the High Commissioner of Jamaica, Seth George Ramocan.

In his comments, Mr Williams said: “The connection is something that is being discussed informally in Bristol by the Jamaican diaspora and I know Kingston would be delighted to have a sister city arrangement.”

“We have to connect with the Jamaican diaspora and Bristol has a strong Jamaican community, so it is part of my responsibility to connect with Jamaicans to encourage them and support them.” He added.

While avoiding talks on the recent Windrush scandal, which forced thousands of people with Caribbean heritage to ‘prove’ their eligibility to stay in the UK (despite some compromises from the Home Office), Mayor Williams said Mr Ramocan is in “dialogue with the UK government” on the issue.



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