Bristol woman ‘betrothed to ghost lover’ offered perfect wedding venue


A Bristol lady who says she has made love to several ghosts and is now engaged to one has received a perfect venue for her wedding. Amethyst Realm shocked people across the world when she claimed she has had a paranormal conquest during a Live session on This Morning show.

The lady confessed cheating on her human boyfriend with ghosts and said she has finally settled for love from beyond.  According to her, she found her true love from the other real while travelling to Australia and has since joined the mile-high club with it.

The lovers agreed to marry and have received a perfect place for their wedding from the wise people at Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset.

The wedding will be officiated by the Witch of Wookey.

Resort director, Daniel Medley said: “Amethyst Realm is not the first and won’t be the last person to experience out-of-body sensations at the caves.

“They have been recognised as a crossover point to the spirit world since the Stone Age, a place where people can connect with long-lost friends and relatives no longer with us.

“Amethyst is said to be planning a wedding in the countryside and the Witch of Wookey is perfectly qualified to officiate as the couple ‘Jump the Broom’.

“If Amethyst’s ghost-lover has indeed been attracted to the caves’ remarkable aura then the Witch of Wookey is a powerful lodestone to commune with the departed – and she would be happy to help them with re-word the ’till death us do part’ clause.”

Wookey Hole Caves says they will set up a new function room for Amethyst when she weds the love of her life.


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