Campaign launched to help educate people about harmful drinking in Dorset


Figures revealed a high level of alcohol dependency amongst adults in Dorset. Hence, a campaign has been launched to address the effect of harmful drinking on families.

Public Health England (PHE), in the Southwest is supporting Alcohol Awareness Week 2018, part of its aims to encourage and provide support to alcohol dependents.

Data for the Southwest shows that in 2016/17, 36,117 people were treated for alcohol related illnesses or injuries.

PHE’s data from a 2016/17 study revealed that 3,420 alcohol dependents are in the Dorset local authority area, 1,488 in Poole, and 2,850 in Bournemouth.

In Dorset, 19 young people under the age of 18 were admitted for alcohol specific conditions between 2014/15 and 2016/17, while 46 were admitted in Poole, and 56 in Bournemouth.

Alcohol related deaths from 2016 stood at 220 in Dorset, 68 in Poole, and 106 in Bournemouth.

According to PHE, alcohol is now the leading risk factor for ill health, early mortality, and disability in individuals aged 15-49, and the fifth, for ill health across all age groups.

Emphasising PHE’s commitment to supporting Alcohol Awareness Week, Drugs and Alcohol Lead for PHE Southwest, Ian Keasey stated how easy it is for people to exceed the recommended weekly intake for alcohol without noticing.

He further stated that those concerned about their drinking, or about a family member suffering from the effects of alcohol harm, can contact Alcohol Support helplines. A list of helplines can be found on Alcohol Concerns website.





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