Dorset County Hospital Holds A Photo Exhibit


Dorchester Camera Club, a group of photography experts and enthusiasts offers their artworks to the walls of Dorset County Hospital.

In partnership with Arts in Hospital, the group is creating smiles and brightening the day of the patients, visitors, and the hospital staff while showcasing their talents of a wide variety.

The exhibit acts as a window to the world as it covers a diversity of fields from intense ones like street photography or wildlife to peaceful ones like beautiful sceneries or landscapes, nature, and people.

The exhibit will go on until April 27, Saturday and is located at the corridors leading towards Damers Restaurant at North Wing Level 2.

Alex Murdin, Arts Manager of Arts in Hospital said, “Arts In Hospital exists to bring arts and culture into the hospital for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff, and to connect the hospital to the wider community it serves. The artwork by Dorchester Camera Club is fantastic and definitely makes an impact and brightens up the corridors.”

This is also a way of encouraging photography enthusiasts to be part of a camera or photography club or group to enhance their gifts and create more opportunities for themselves. In fact, three members from the Dorchester Camera Club were asked by the Arts in Hospital to commission an artwork to be displayed at Robert White Centre.

As of this writing, most of the Dorchester Camera Club’s members are recipients of numerous awards as their group has been active in competitions while still being very approachable and friendly as they are from different age groups and abilities. Their weekly meetings are held at The Brownsword Hall in Poundbury every Monday evening at 7:15 PM.

They organize special events like workshops, photo walks or outdoor events to have more opportunities to hone their skills. They also regularly hold special group meetings for the specific fields of interest to provide guidance and mentoring to new members so that they can broaden their skill set and experiment with other techniques.

Most of the photographs in the exhibition are for sale. If you would like to buy one, you may email Dorchester Camera Club at [email protected] with the subject DCH Exhibition. Please also provide the name of the print and/or the name of the photographer to specify details.