Exploring Dorset’s Nature Reserve from The Comfort of Your Home


Google Maps Street View is a great tool for exploring far off or entirely unreachable areas using nothing but your computer and some internet access. It has often been used by people to take 360-degree tours online and the same has now been made available to those interested in exploring Dorset.

This was made possible by the loan of a Google Street View Trekker camera to the Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) committee. This was used to capture images of Dorset’s nature reserves and centers. These images were taken of both the Lorton Meadows in Weymouth and Kingcombe Meadows and Powerstock Common in West Dorset.

According to the charity, these images is meant to enable people unable to physically come and visit the nature reserves do so from their homes. These images will also enable others who can, to see the benefits of doing so. While Dorset Wildlife Trust Marketing and Fundraising Director, Alastair Cook said: “Google Street View is a fantastic way for everyone to experience our nature reserves and enjoy the landscapes and wildlife DWT is working hard to protect in Dorset.”

Capturing these images was not an easy undertaking and it involved staff members of the DWT and other volunteers walking miles around the nature reserves and using the 360-degree street trekker back pack.

The images captured will also be used to enhance the new DWT website, which will be launched in March of 2019. Nature lovers seeking additional information of Dorset Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves, visit www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/reserves.


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