Giant bronze statue for Devon takes shape in tiny Welsh village


A seven-metre high structure depicting a young female actor about to spring into action is taking shape in a foundry in a Welsh village ahead of its installation in front of a Devon theatre.

On Monday, Theatre Royal Plymouth announced that it had commissioned the £500,000 piece as part of a £7.5 million regeneration project.

It is said to be the largest bronze sculpture ever created in the UK using the ancient process of lost-wax casting paired with 3D scans to capture the actors pose.

It was created to make a bold statement about the creativity and ambition not just of the theatre but of the whole of Plymouth in preparation for the 400th anniversary celebration for the Mayflower pioneering journey in 2020.

Thirty craftsmen and women are working to complete the sculpture under the guidance of artist Joseph Hiller at the Castle Fine Arts foundry in Powys.

The sculpture is based on a pose by a female member of the chorus in a rehearsal of Othello at the Plymouth theatre in 2014.

The title of the sculpture, Messenger refers to the role of the actor in breathing life into the words of a writer.

The lower half of the sculpture has been assembled and other parts are waiting their turn.

A campaign has been launched in the city to set up a statue of Nancy Astor, Plymouth Sutton representative and first woman MP to take her seat in Commons but Messenger should place before Astor.

Adrian Vinken, the Chief Executive of the Theatre Royal Plymouth has visited the foundry twice and declared the sculpture magnificent.




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