How to get a Drop Kerb Installed in Bristol and when it’s Illegal


Parking is an issue in Bristol. Bristol Live has reported  frequently on the shortage of space, how it affects emergency vehicles, and the bad parking it usually leads to.

Due to these issues, driveways are worth their weight in gold and for many it has become tempting to install one.

To install a driveway, a dropped kerb, a lowering of the pavement to drive cars on and off is necessary. So how do you go about it?

First there are a few necessary steps via Bristol city council which include:

  • checking if you need planning permission
  • making sure your driveway meets the standard needed
  • contract a contractor to install your driveway.

If you install a dropped kerb without planning permission an enforcement notice will be issued and you must either apply for a retrospective application or remove the kerb otherwise, the kerb could be removed accompanied by a fine and court case.

You can only have a dropped kerb if your driveway meets certain requirements:

  • it must be at least 4.8m long from the pavement edge closest to your driveway, the edge of your building, and 2.4m for ‘drive straight in’ boundary
  • must be made from porous asphalt, or concrete blocks
  • should not have any loose gravel surfacing
  • must have suitable drainage where it meets the highway boundary.

The type of contractor to be used is also specified.

The contractor;

  • must have public liability insurance of a minimum of 5 million euros.
  • must complete work to the councils crossover specification
  • be qualified under the New Roads and Street Works Act
  • must have current highway excavation licence for the work.





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