The Most Magical Christmas Markets Happening in Bristol this Year



Christmas may be one of the most magical times in the year but it can also be one of the most panic-inducing when you think about the stress involved with finding the perfect gifts.

If you are an early buyer that has thought forward to the stress involved with shopping for gifts during Christmas and has bought everything you need, good for you. But if you somehow kept shifting the date and procrastinating, when Christmas finally arrives, it’s normal to panic because not only will it be stressful to get your gifts then, there’s the possibility that the shopping will go on till Christmas day.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard, you know? Look alive.

Bristol has plenty of amazing markets that can be found in the centre. You of course need no introduction to the St. Nicks Christmas market and the very popular Broadmead’s Christmas markets because, well, that’s where almost everyone will be looking to get their Christmas shopping done.

But there are a lot of other small markets outside the city centre that are just as fantastic and from which you can save yourself the stress of late Christmas shopping.

If you want markets where you can relax and do your Christmas shopping, then you should definitely check these out:


Bristol Christmas Market: It’s at Broadmead, City centre and is open from November 9 to December 23


Stokes Croft Christmas Market: Located at Stokes Croft Beer Garden and is open from November 16 to November 30, from 4pm daily till very late.


Etsy Made Local Market: Located at City Hall, College Green and will be open on December 1 to the 2nd of December, 10am to 5pm daily.


St Peter’s Hospice Christmas Market: is at City Hall, College Green and will be open only on Saturday, November 24, 10am to 3pm.


Harbourside Christmas Market: is at Harbourside and will be open on weekends between November 24 and December 16, 11am to 5pm daily.


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